Lee Nak-yeon was finally appointed as South Korea Prime Minister
Lee Nak-yeon was finally appointed as South Korea Prime Minister
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[KOREA DAILY POST=INTERPRETED REPORTER SUNNY HWANG] Lee Nak-yeon was appointed as new South Korea Prime Minister at the National Assembly. Although his appointment was passed and decided through the National Assembly, there were protest about the decision.

There were the opposition forces in the National Assembly Human Rights Hearing and some candidates asked suspicion about his a camouflaged move-in and tax evasion to prevent to become a new Prime Minister.

However, in the result of voting of new Prime Minister, 164 out of 188 votes showed as the approval about Lee Nak-yeon as new Prime Minister.

South Korea President Jae In Moon granted the appointment of new Prime Minister at the meeting room of the presidential office on August 31 and asked for three things

He said " I will guarantee the authority of the constitutional prime minister. Secondly, the government should take care of the issues of public social welfare and make people listen to the praise such as 'Public Service Prime Minister', 'Conflict Resolution Prime Minister' and 'Field Prime Minister'".

Finally, "It should lead the reasonable negotiations through communication with the opposition party and play a role in local autonomy and decentralization based on your experiences of the local government" he added.

Lee Nak-yeon who became the official 45th South Korea Prime Minister said "I will do my best and fulfill to become the respectable Prime Minister and I will always stay there wherever people desire".

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