LOTTE Liquor Distillation Soju "DEJANGBU" is pioneered to the US Market
LOTTE Liquor Distillation Soju "DEJANGBU" is pioneered to the US Market
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  • 승인 2017.05.31 18:58
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[Korea Daily Post=SunnyHwang  reporter] First export of distillation Soju 'DEJANGBU' to the US LOTTE distillation soju 'DEJANGBU' began pioneer to the US market.

LOTTE Liquor CEO, Jong-Hoon Lee announced "about 12,000 bottles(one box = 6 bottles) of soju 'DEJANGBU' started recently to sell in LA".

'DEJANGBU' is exported by the export exclusive product which is consisted of an alcohol content of 21 degrees and a capacity of 375 ml. 'DEJANGBU' is designed by gorgeous sense and Korean tradition with a reasonable price so it is raised own competitiveness in the US market.

LOTTE Liquor said "DEJANGBU which was released in May has had great responses of Korean domestic customers and the popularity of DEJANGBU keeps growing up so that we decided to pioneer to the US premium soju market".

"LOTTE Liquor has not only planning to export second time in June as early as possible, but also planning to extend selling areas with raining of awareness of DEJANGBU through the local promotional activities such as beverage tasting event" added.

LOTTE Liquor has planning to announce the excellence of Korean distillery soju in the world and it is preparing 5,000 bottles for Taiwanese exports and 15,000 bottles for Canadian exports to sell globally as well.

An official in LOTTE Liquor said "DEJANGBU is proved as great quality of liquor product in Korea, we will promote it pushfully in the local US marketing and we will strive hard to make famous DEJANGBU in all over the US".

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