[Beautiful Company] AMOREPACIFIC"s "Human Contribution"
[Beautiful Company] AMOREPACIFIC"s "Human Contribution"
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Promise of AMOREPACIFIC... Making better life for 200,000 women, Project '20 by 20'
[KOREA DAILY POST= Interpreted sunnyhwang reporter] AMOREPACIFIC has been provided continuous social contribution to make better human life since established in 1945. It has been administrated based on their owned special management philosophy and it is heading to be 72nd anniversary.
There are various campaigns which AMOREPACIFIC projected such as 'Beautiful changes in your life', 'Make-Up Your Life', 'Pink Ribbon Campaign' and even global campaign, 'China Morpho Campaign'. Also, it is putting their best effort to fulfill their social mission as a global corporation.

AMOREPACIFIC founders and CEOs has been showing their constant concern and practice about social contribution and their activities has been settled as a corporate culture. AMOREPACIFIC has contributed KRW 24 billion won as social contribution activities in last year and it has been evaluated as the great believing that it shows continuous their firm commitment about being social contribution activities every year.

◆ The promise of AMOREPACIFIC social contribution... Providing beautiful life for 200,000 women by 2020
AMOREPACIFIC which has grown up with women has focused on providing more beautiful life for women. The vision of 'Amore Beautiful World' is consisted in the belief that all women can become beautiful when their lives are beautiful and it has been projecting to provide more beautiful lives for women by the standard of the 3 major areas, ▲Women, ▲Natural Ecology and ▲Culture.

In particular, AMOREPACIFIC announced that the project '20 by 20' leads to become a 'great company' and provides more social contribution activities and then shows their solid commitments to complete 'A MORE Beautiful World'.

Also, AMOREPACIFIC belief is that it is going to support for 20,000 women's health, well-being, and economic capacity from 2017 to 2020 and it makes lead further enhance all women's lives in the world.

AMOREPACIFIC '20 by 20 'aims

1) The first aim is that it supports women's cancer (breast and uterus) prevention education and examination, provides women's cancer surgery fee for low-income women and cares the cancer patients after surgery.

Also, 'Pink Ribbon Campaign' and 'Makeup Your Life Campaign' are worked to decrease the rate of women dead by cancer in centrically Korea and China.

The campaign is planned to support 49,000 people with at least 3.5 billion won donations annually and globally.

2) Strengthening women's economic capacity is one of the biggest challenges of AMOREPACIFIC to contribute to women's self-reliance and gender equality so AMOREPACIFIC has supported to improve and build the foundation of women's economic independence and capacity.

3) It provides professional makeup education and mentoring for young people who dream makeup artists. It supports not only gender equality through financial support for single-parent women and low-income women but also helps to build foundation for independence. Typical examples are 'Wish Store' and 'Beautiful Life', which aim to support 1000 people through providing at least 3.5 billion won donations every year.

What are the representative social contribution activities of AMOREPACIFIC Group for women?

▶ Pink Ribbon Campaign
AMOREPACIFIC has invested their entire foundation fund to establish Korea's first breast health nonprofit foundation, called to the Korea Breast Health Foundation in 2000 and it has launched 'Pink Ribbon Campaign' to improve breast health consciousness.

'Pink Ribbon Campaign' which has launched since 2001 has settled as the representative campaign of AMOREPACIFIC and approximate 560,000 people has participated various programs such as 'Pink Run' and 'Pink Tour' which AMOREPACIFIC managed

Pink Run Contest is a running festival and it held annually in five regions to promote the importance of breast cancer screening. Since 2001, 299,000 people have participated in the campaign event and more than 3.2 billion won, which was participation fee of the event has donated to the Korea Breast Health Foundation and this social contribution activity has made a healthy sharing culture.

An official in AMOREPACIFIC said, "more 2000 people participated in this year's 17th annual 'Pink Run' and it will be renewed by a running festival that everyone can enjoy".

▶ Makeup Your Life
'Make-up Your Life' has launched since 2008 to help women who are suffering from skin appearance, hair loss, etc during cancer treating which AMOREPACIFIC supports. Through this campaign, female cancer patients can learn make-up, skin care and hairdressing techniques and it help to live without their appearance stress so it seems the careful consideration of AMOREPACIFIC.

10,108 female cancer patients and 4033 Amore counselor volunteers participated in the campaign until last year. Also, it is being conducted for 1043 patients in 35 major hospitals in the entire country and about 700 Amore counselors are working as volunteers.

All female patients who are treated currently radiotherapy and chemotherapy within two years after cancer surgery can apply for this campaign and AMOREPACIFIC provides 'Makeup Your Life Kit' including brochures, herbal makeup products and Primera skincare products for all campaign participants.

The 'Makeup Your Life' campaign is becoming a global social contribution campaign and 314 AMOREPACIFIC beauty specialists helped a total of 1282 female cancer patients including 1157 Chinese and 125 Vietnamese in last year.

▶ Beautiful Life
AMOREPACIFIC's goal to extend as global human contribution campaign is to provide a guide about how all women in the world can lead beautiful life.

'Beautiful Life' has been administrated by funds which AMOREPACIFIC has donated regularly to the Community Chest of Korea since 2008. Its aim is that it supports the economical independent capacity for woman in nation, including multicultural families, North Korean women, single mothers and elderly women and provides education and mentoring to improve self-sufficiency and capacity, improvement of residential environment and formation of employment base.

In particular, AMOREPACIFIC has been proceeding public offering projects to expand the beneficiary of the Beautiful Life campaign. The public offering projects are expensed approximate 700 million won. The final organization which public offering selected in 14 ~ 23 organizations will be received the project cost, about at least 30 million won up to 50 million won and will perform the project for one year from July.

▶ 'Wish store' for women's self-reliance and gender equality contribution

'Wish store' is a supporting program to improve self-reliance of single-parent women. It is supported by AMOREPACIFIC and managed by the Beautiful Foundation as well. It is part of the 'microcredit' project that supports start-up loans for self-reliance of single-mother women and provides a platform how start-up owners and their families can be self-reliant.

'Wish stores' has been started since 2004 and a total of 303 'Wish stores' are opened recently through select of public offerings. The selected 'Wish stores' will receive startup supporting funds up to 40 million won.

The 'Wish stores' founders' loan repayment rate is 83% and the number of family members including children who succeeded in self-reliance through hope stores reach at 843.

'Wish stores' which was established to contribute to women's self-reliance and gender equality was projected to honor the wishes of AMOREPACIFIC founder, Sung Hwan Seo who donated and supported for social welfare of women and children for his lifetime. Also, the project was begun by based on 'Donation for beautiful world' that was donated by heritage of Sung Hwan Seo so that it is evaluated as the exemplary company in terms of the practice of 'Noblesse Oblivion' and the return of heritage to society.

▶ China Morphao(Jasmine Running) Campaign
AMOREPACIFIC's support for women's health and gender equality continues to extend beyond Korea to China. In order to fulfill its social mission as a global corporation, AMOREPACIFIC held a women's health marathon, called to Morpho(Jasmine Running) in Shanghai Oriental Sports Center to raise awareness of women's health for the first time in China. Although it was the first global event in China, 3200 people in Shanghai participated and wished to improve better women's health.

AMOREPACIFIC has provided the full amount participation fee of Morpho(Jasmine Running) and profits of the charity bazaar which was run for one month to the prevention of breast and cervical cancer and recovery after surgery for Chinese women in China.

An official in AMOREPACIFIC said, "In February last year, 'AMOREPACIFIC Women's Fund' is established to cooperate with the China Women's Generation Conference to promote women's health and welfare in China" and " As a global company, It will become a company that is loved by global customers through enhancing of social contribution activities" added.


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